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Our handmade fresh burgers, using locally sourced beef, all served in a variety of unique locations across the UK, from historic towns and cities like Coventry and Warwick. Of course, there’s one thing all our restaurants have in common, that’s the love of burgers.

Joe & Natalie have been in the food and drink sector for over 30 years, as their mother’s and father’s on both sides of the family were. Starting with Joe his family started and built up the company into the largest outdoor catering company in the UK when he started out doing frontal catering to the general public, backstage and VIP catering alike to all major events like Glastonbury, Pheonix Reading, V Fest, and T in the park, Silverstone Grand Prix, Donnington Superbikes, the Chelsea Flower Show and many many more.

As Joe matured he ventured into the restaurant trade opening various sites in the Midlands, this was something Joe wanted to expand on so went to train at the London Chef Academy. He opened his restaurants from steakhouses to sports bars across the UK from London to Newcastle. He met Natalie who had her own catering company specialising in football stadiums, Newcastle, Sunderland, and Middlesbrough football clubs. They combined both companies then decided to sell out and they moved to Dubai part-time consulting for various catering companies.

Joe being the creative brain behind LBK (London burger kitchen) had spent part of his childhood in the USA working with his father he always wanted to develop an American dirty burger concept so LBK began its life.

Joe strongly believed he could do much better than the competitors in the burger market today. Joe saw what he thought these chains lacked in quality, personality, and design. Little aspects like freshly baked bread, locally sourced steak mince for the burger patties, English fillet chicken for our famous J.D chicken fillet burgers along with many ways Joe has learned and specialised in over the years regards personality Joe wanted to add the London touch so all our LBK restaurants are themed on London.

LBK is opening stores in all major cities around the UK. At present we have been asked to put the LBK concept into various rugby clubs, football clubs, and sports venues alike.

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